About us

INFOTEQ Global Solutions GmbH has launched the HalloDealerApp to help car dealers stay upbeat about the market. Bringing the best of German engineering and software skills for the last 10 years, INFOTEQ has delivered a number of innovative web and mobile services for international clients like Volkswagen, EPay, Allesklar and others.

Our core team is led by experienced professionals, who believe in living up to commitments, delivering the best and maintaining uncompromising integrity. Every idea at INFOTEQ germinates from understanding the pain points of people, business and society. Based on that, our team delivers the results by creating innovative, yet simple solutions.

About HalloDealer

Currently, the auto-dealer industry churns out over $2 trillion worth of business. To keep competing, you need technology that lets you reach your clients at express speed and builds business quickly. Consumers enjoy digitization, and their expectations around it have skyrocketed. The HalloDealerApp is proposed in order to keep pace with the robust industry and the growing needs of its customers.

Building quick-response strategies is the need of the hour, as customers get impatient and keep hopping from dealer to dealer. HalloDealerApp rolls out privileged and personalized communication services to the customers, and lets them reach you at all times. To you as an auto dealer, HalloDealerApp gives the power to simplify your work routine, enhance operational efficiency and cut down costs. With branded App placed in the pocket of customers, you tremendously gain their attention and an opportunity to drive their loyalty.

For Android and iPhone

HalloDealer is all it takes to reach your customers, whether they have an iPhone or an Android device. Create your dealer app effortlessly and reach gadgets of all shapes and sizes being used by your customers.

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Start now and grow your business by driving rapid sales using the business app loaded with perfect features to Sell a Car Anytime